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Inkscape's Wiki uses the MediaWiki software, well known from Wikipedia. A quick look at the MediaWiki syntax is available on Wikipedia, along with a more comprehensive overview.

To edit a page, click on the "Edit" link on the side menu (you must be logged in in order for it to become visible). This will bring you to a page with a text box containing the text of that Wiki page. Then type away, and press "Save page" when finished (You can also preview your changes before saving if you like.)

To make a link to another wiki page, type double square brackets around it [[like this]] and continue editing. That's it! If the page already exists, a link will be made to it. If the page doesn't exist, a link will be made that allows someone to create it.

The Wiki software will link to a page title that is the same as the text of your link, except that the first letter will be uppercased. For example, if you type [[card game]], it will be linked to a page entitled "Card game".

Older versions of the Wiki software only made one-word links LikeThis, and didn't require the brackets to make them links. You can still do that, but it's generally discouraged because it LooksFunny. It is handy to use singular words like "game" rather than "games", because that makes it easier to create links in other pages.

Finally, sometimes the text you would like to make into a link just doesn't make a good page title. In that case, you can specify both inside the brackets separated by a vertical bar like this: [[Page link|text of link]]. This will appear as "text of link", but will link to a page entitled "Page link".

Examples of Good links:

Link to [[important tutorial]]
[[John Smith]]
[[John's Dog]]

Bad links:

Link to [[important_tutorial]] (superfluous underscore)
Link to [[Important tutorial]] (superfluous capitalization)
[[Johns Dog|John's Dog]] (the apostrophe does not need to be left out)
[[JohnSmith]] (unnatural name)

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