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Translation of web site

  1. There are two ways of getting files that you need to translate website:
    1. Checkout actual svn version of inkscape_web module (Working with SVN). To checkout the inkscape_web module use command:
      svn co inkscape_web
      You need subversion client to do this. Be aware that the module is about 40MB to download because of screenshots!
    2. OR Use online browser of subversion repository and download files manually.
    3. Files you probably want to translate are:
      • includes/ (file contains string to translate menu)
      • (main page of
      • screenshots/*
      • showcase/*
      • docs/* (at least main page for docs)
  2. Copy these files and replace "en" string in their name according to the ISO code of your language ("de" for german, "fr" for french, etc...).
  3. Now you can start your translation. Files are simple text files with HTML tags and in UTF-8 encoding.
  4. If you have the file translated and really want to submit it, read it once more and correct errors ;)
  5. Submit the file to the [