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ok. I got something good here now. I built harfbuzz and freetype from git and then I built fontview and I am studying its source code
== references ==
== references ==
=== Google's FontView proof-of-concept ===
=== Google's FontView proof-of-concept ===

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Google's FontView proof-of-concept

FontView is a demo program written by Google engineers to demonstrate the variable font technologies recently added to harfbuzz and freetype. This is the same stuff we'll use in inkscape soon. The project sources are available at https://github.com/googlei18n/fontview

User Interface

On the UI, I've been thinking of sliders as the dumb-obvious solution to select values for a variable font axes, but I also think it would be cool to think of a user-defined "palette" of varfont instances. Because you have pretty much infinite variations that can be chosen in a varfont, but you'd want to pick some and use them on your document and then be able to tweak one of the instances and then see the change affecting all places where that was used. So, a varfont can have typedesigner-specified named instances, but I think we should also offer user-defined instances. And these should show up on the font selector just like nowadays we have a drop-down for Regular/Bold/Italics. Felipe "Juca" Sanches (talk)