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Discussion / Questions

Guidelines for using tags? (inkscape-devel thread)
"bug tracker: Guideslines for tags?"
List of tags for bug triage
where to keep an updated list of used inkscape bug tracker (launchpad) tags?
Who manages the list of offical tags? (inkscape-devel thread)
"LP: official tag list not accessible for Bug Team members?"
the Launchpad bug tracker offers a page to manage tags (both official and others), but it is not accessible for Bug Team members, not even read-only

Recent tag changes

Currently there is no method available (or in reach of my limited skills?) to extract used tags from the launchpad bug tracker. Bug tracker notifications per e-mail contain a X-header field (X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags) that lists the current tags of a bug report and any changes to the tags is listed as part of the message body.

list of extracted bug tags from the mbox since I joined the bug team ( last update: Tue, Dec 29 2009 18:24 CET) ~suv