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== Development of AoC virtual products ==
Ge Nowadays, with the rapid development of the global online game market; More and more MMORPG are developed with a great part of technical content; Compared with others, Age of Conan is undeniably considered as one of the most popular game; We can noticed the phenomenon that more and more sites which deal in other games begin to sell AoC virtual products; For example,  [http://www.item4u.com/buy-Age-of-Conan-US/CDKey/Ajujo  aoc cd key], age of conan gold.
Age of Conan is characterized as having an advanced combat system lets you choose every cut, thrust, and swing in real time. Groundbreaking graphics and advanced DirectX 10 features plunge you into a world of breathtaking beauty. A massive fantasy world based on over 75 years of books, movies, art, and music, developed in close collaboration with Conan Inc. to ensure the most realistic Conan experience ever seen. An unprecedented character development and customization system with combo attacks, skills, special abilities, and deadly spells ensures no two characters are exactly the same.
With these features, AoC has gained a great popularity in the field of MMORPG; It also boomed the global online game market with its successful selling of its products: [http://www.item4u.com/buy-Age-of-Conan-US/Gold/Ajujo  age of Conan gold],age of Conan cd key, and  [http://www.item4u.com/buy-Age-of-Conan-US/all/Ajujo  age of Conan  Power Leveling] etc; Personally, I think this game will have a brilliant future.
== World of Warcraft: My love and hatred!! ==
I am a primary WoW player. I have been playing for almost two months now. wow game looks like it's gonna be a great MMO and also looks amazing..... Before I dive into my impressions of the World of Warcraft .I think I would give a brief description of how I get into it. Not counting the Pokemon. While what makes me confused is how to change the account of [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/WoW-US-CDKey  wow cd key]?
My friend has opened an account of online-bank .I tell him to top up my original account for the$15 time card, and then spend$30 buying a new [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/WoW-EU-CDKey  world of warcraft cd key] Opps…..my god!  However, he doesn’t get it. He asked me what my account is. At that time, maybe I have a confused mind. Without more consideration I give him my original account... then he buys a new wow cd key of it. How troublesome it is!
My guys say that the players can change the account of [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/WoW-US-CDKey  wow cd key] which we buy by on-line bank from official website, but I can’t find it. Who can tell me where I can change it? Oh, thanks a lot …
Two months ago, I bought the [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/WoW-US-CDKey  wow cd key] and started the charming game .Although I hadn’t play for a long time. While now I am a loyal fan of it, for I will face the adventure together with thousands of other players simultaneously and, explore an expansive world with miles of forests, deserts, snow-blown mountains, and other exotic lands. What an exciting game!! I have had a great sense of accomplishment in this virtual world.
== How to choose right Warhammer power leveling ==
September 18th is coming .The Reckoning is at hand as hundreds of thousands can now embark on their epic
adventures in Open Beta! This is a monumental step for the game.WAR has come, it is now up to you to forge your destiny and choose your allegiance in this epic struggle.
For those warhammer fans that have no time but love the game, they choose the [http://www.item4u.com/Warhammer-Online/Power-Leveling  war Power Leveling]; now the power leveling market is hard competing, especially in the Southeast Asian countries.Cheaper labor cost is their best weapon. Facing the more and more [http://www.item4u.com/Warhammer-Online/Power-Leveling  warhammer online Power Leveling] service, players are in the difficulty of choosing.
There are many different types of warhammer online Power Leveling in the world today, ranging from basic leveling, to honor points, arena points, and even some instance farming. However, one unfortunate aspect lingers around most every power leveling provider: lack of account security. In today’s world, ordering [http://www.item4u.com/Warhammer-Online/Power-Leveling  warhammer Power Leveling] usually means dealing with dishonest and thieving companies – leaving your account stripped, banned, or both!
It is sure to find an honesty, liable and satisfied provider. According to some experienced players, there are some points to be noticed when you choose the provider:
1.The price shouldn’t be the first criterion, for large-scale company's monopoly on cheap prices causes other companies to have insufficient funds. To compete, those companies have to reduce prices to survival; too low price can’t guarantee the service quality. Everyone can understand this.
2.Learn more about the reputation in the player forum; where much player is experienced, to communicate with them can grasp the real situation .and save much time. But you have to be cautious that there are some players defame some workshop or flatter someone purposely.
3.Be sure what you need really, read careful about the agreement terms before you buy.
Finally, hope you can find the nice service provider and enjoy more in the fantastic game world.
== Wanna Join in War hammer Online Crops? ==
We may not forget that Warhammer online officials announced that its MMORPG masterpiece "Warhammer Online" would start to gongce on September 7, 2008 on the day August 18, 2008. The announcement brought great excitement to hundreds of thousands of players who would have the opportunity to enjoy war hammer online before the formal launch of the game, surging ahead into the fantasy world of Warhammer exciting camp experience against the war. Now, it is September 10, 2008. As September 18, 2008 approaches, more and more MMORPG players wanna buy [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/Warhammer-Online-CDKey  warhammer online cd key] to join in the war crops.
Facing so many players, would Warhammer online official who first offer game servers for players from North America, Europe and Oceania worried? Of course they will not. They are pleased with this phenomenon. They have already sent their [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/Warhammer-Online-CDKey  war cd key] to various CD Key sellers which they consider best. And item4u.com is one of them.
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Wondering what? Just buy [http://www.item4u.com/bestSelling-CDKey/Warhammer-Online-CDKey  war cd key] at item4u.com and join in Warhammer online crops now. You should not miss the pleasure.

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