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Just downloaded this proggie a couple days ago and I like it so far. This is the first vector editor I have used. I mainly got it so I could make tribal tattoo shapes for making tattoos on the skin textures of the 3D models I create for various animation programs, mainly Poser 7.

Alot of the features dont seem to work though. The main ones I am interested in are in the effects menu. The swirl and wave features do nothing. I have tried using them on rectangles, various star patterns and on line drawings with no success. Hoping someone can tell me whether there is some trick to it or whether this are just options that will be hopefully added later.

Hi and welcome to the inkscape-wiki! It would be helpful, if you could give more details about your computer, OS and which version of inkscape you are running. Most probably only one dependance is missing. like python, for example. If you could start inkscape from the commandline, you would be able to see, what is missing. greetings Stefan --SvH 16:12, 28 February 2009 (UTC)

I have no idea what you mean by opening from the command line lol. I am using Inkscape 0.46 on my pc running Windows XP. All of the features that I have found not to work are in the effects menu. Effects/Raster/swirl and wave are the 2 main ones I am really interested in using. As I said I mainly using this program to create tribal type tattoo designs because Photoshop 7's vector capability is sadly lacking. And I cannot afford Illustrator or CorelDraw right now lol.

If you could tell me what this command line feature is I will be glad to try and copy and paste the info from it here so I could get some help. Thanks.