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This is mainly a scratchpad to begin working out the UserManual. We can post ideas and fragments of text up here, but the real deal will be in CVS so that it can be checked out and worked on.

Other manuals and tutorials are listed here

Why not write the manual here? Use wiki as a versioning & collaboration tool -- that's what it's for :) You can then use a script to turn raw wiki pages into whatever format you need for the distribution

Currently in CVS there is a manual (or beginnings of a manual) that was written in French for SodiPodi. Has anyone looked at it? What are your thoughts?

We need to work now on an update of this Manual and have a specific version for Inkscape.

  • Queries about Manual can be added here or sent to

Inkscape tutorial paginated for printing

In SVG, each page is a layer. Make one page visible and others invisible. (The Wiki would not accept the PDF because the files are too big.)

These tutorials were adapted from Inkscape 0.41.

  • upload:inkscape-tutorial-basic.svgz
  • upload:inkscape-tutorial-shapes.svgz

Where can I find the latest update?

How to Help

  • Adding new information to the manual : write your files in docbook or in plain text that we'll convert (please follow guidelines)
  • translating pages
  • contact a contributor or add your name in the follow list and have a look at the WIP

  • If you want to contribute, download the USER_MANUAL part of SVN
  • To view actual state in html, type "make your_language" (notice that xsltproc is needed). If nothing is generated, it is that your language is actually not added to the manual. Thanks to begin one, ad become responsible for this part ;)
  • edit the trunk/xml/inkscapeUTF.xml file. All languages are inside.
  • Just read the file, choose the language reference you want to use (en, fr...) and translate by duplicating the node and changing lang attribute to yours.
  • For pictures, you may use the "images/sshot_yourlanguage" directory or create it if necessary".
  • when finishing editing, if necessary edit the Makefile and add your language to the Makefile. In every case test your file with some tools (xmllint...) or just type again "make your_language" : syntax errors will be displayed : please correct them.
  • svn commit


Why is there only one xml file? The single XML file has now been split into language-specific versions, please only edit these.

How can I produce HTML output from the XML file? Type "make your_language" to have truncated html file (one file per sect1), or "make singleYour_language" to have all the manual in one html file.

Can I export to PDF? Yes. Make a single HTML file as described above and run "make pdfYour_language". This depends on htmldoc. If anyone wants to work on a different XSL stylesheet that produce language specific XML file and use db2pdf, it is welcome.

Translations of the manual



Cedric Gemy - main contributor - cedric at

John - Author and French/British translation

Ernesto - Spanish translation - celise at

Antonio - Italian translation - antonio.angelo at

Bryce - English translation/editing - bryce at

Kevin - English translation/editing - at

Colin Marquardt - volunteer for a German translation from English, help with xml2po if needed. Especially interested in Embedded_Help.

vonHalenbach-de - volunteer for a translation of pygmees manual from English to the german language.