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This is mainly a scratchpad to begin working out the UserManual. We can post ideas and fragments of text up here, but the real deal will be in CVS so that it can be checked out and worked on.

Why not write the manual here? Use wiki as a versioning & collaboration tool -- that's what it's for :) You can then use a script to turn raw wiki pages into whatever format you need for the distribution

Currently in CVS there is a manual (or beginnings of a manual) that was written in French for SodiPodi. Has anyone looked at it? What are your thoughts?

  • VectorAndBitmap
  • [IllustratorUsers Inkscape for Illustrator Converts]
  • TricksAndTips
  • KeyboardShortcuts
  • InkscapeColor

We need to work now on an update of this Manual and have a specific version for Inkscape.

  • Wishs about Manual can be added here or sent to



  • adding new infos to the manual : write your files in docbook or in plain text that we'll convert (please follow guidelines)
  • translating pages
  • contact a contributor or add your name in the follow list and have a look at the WIP


  • Cedric : main contributor : cedric at
  • John : author and fr/gb translation :
  • Ernesto : spanish translation : celise at
  • Antonio : italian translation : antonio.angelo at
  • Bryce: english translation/editing : bryce at