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== Translations of the manual ==
== Translations of the manual ==
* [http://wiki.inkscape-forum.de/handbuch German] already started by [[User:Fzap]]
* [http://wiki.inkscape-forum.de/handbuch German] started by [[User:FZap]] - will need to be merged once we are ready
== Getting the latest version ==
== Getting the latest version ==

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We need to work now on an update of this Manual and have a specific version for Inkscape.

  • Queries about Manual can be added here or sent to <cedric@le-radar.com>

Translations of the manual

Getting the latest version

  svn co https://inkscape.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/inkscape/user_manual/trunk user_manual

How to Help

  • Adding new information to the manual : write your files in docbook or in plain text that we'll convert (please follow the User Manual Guidelines)
  • translating pages
  • contact a contributor or add your name in the follow list and have a look at the User Manual Work in Progress
  • To view the current state in HTML, type "make fr" or "make en" (xsltproc is needed).
  • For pictures, you may use the "images/sshot_yourlanguage" directory or create it if necessary".
  • Don't translate anything yet, we are working on the French version, which will then be translated into English, and that will become the basis for translation work. You will get a PO file for translating later.


Why is there only one xml file?
The single XML file has now been split into language-specific versions, please only edit these.
How can I produce HTML output from the XML file?
Type "make your_language" to have truncated html file (one file per sect1), or "make singleYour_language" to have all the manual in one html file.
Can I export to PDF?
Yes. Make a single HTML file as described above and run "make pdfYour_language". This depends on htmldoc. If anyone wants to work on a different XSL stylesheet that produce language specific XML file and use db2pdf, it is welcome.


  • Cedric Gemy - main contributor - cedric at le-radar.com
  • Elisa - contributor in French - elisa at ec.yemanja.net
  • John - Author and French/British translation
  • Ernesto - Spanish translation - celise at prodigy.net.mx
  • Antonio - Italian translation - antonio.angelo at poste.it
  • Bryce - English translation/editing - bryce at bryceharrington.com
  • Kevin - English translation/editing - inkscape.docs at wixsonit.com
  • Colin Marquardt - volunteer for a German translation from English, help with xml2po if needed. Especially interested in Embedded_Help.
  • vonHalenbach-de - volunteer for a translation of pygmees manual from English to German