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This page is intended to inform on Inkscape Manual evolutions. If you want to help, just add your name in the () of the concerned line of the |table of content. If you have ideas, just add a line.


  • UPDATE icons
  • UPDATE screenshots
  • UPDATE Menus
  • UPDATE Infos for modified commands such as
      fill and stroke dialog ( )
      UI principles ( )
      for full overview, see |table of content
  • Create pages for new commands such as
      boolean ops ( )
      clone tool ( )
      for full overview, see |table of content
  • Add themes part to help on basic manipulation with info that don't fit in the menus explanation pages
      My first Inkscape Document ( )
  • Translations needed (for updated files only)
  • Create a autogen.sh file, such as for The_Gimp, that generates help files for sources and integrate them in the help menu