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What is your Name?

wormsxulla, worms.

Can you give us a Photo?

No, because I don't want people to steal my soul, but I can give you worms I did with Inkscape :-)

What do you think about Inkscape?

I started using Inkscape because I wanted to draw icons for another project. I hadn't used a graphics software for years, and I didn't even know what "Scalable Vector Graphics" were back then. Immediatly, I was hooked.

Inkscape is dangerous. Inkscape is addictive. Inkscape is awesome. Inkscape has the greatest and friendliest community of users and developers I've ever seen. Inkscape makes you proud of the things you produce. Inkscape is easy to use, even a 10yo can use it - I have an example! -, and achieve excellent drawings. Inkscape unleashes the artist in you, even if you are not an artist.

Inkscape gives me fun, everytime I use it (which is not enough!).

Can you give us a Hot Tip for using Inkscape?

I still discover tricks everytime I use Inkscape, I don't think I've used half of its features yet, probably because I am an amateur. Maybe also because achieving "good" results doesn't require six months, or even six weeks, of practice. There are several ways to do things in Inkscape, it's powerful, and yet flexible and simple.

My Hottest Tip is explore the menu.

Can you share some of your Artwork?

I don't really do Art, but I can share a thing I've done for a dear friend:

Epiphone Flying V guitar

How did you do it?

I had several small images of this guitar showing it under different angles, but of very poor quality. So the hardest thing was to "imagine" the real object. Then it was only a matter of patience in order to draw every piece, especially the buttons and the headstock were fun! Inkscape has great tools which allow you to duplicate/clone things.

Do you give us permission to use this to promote Inkscape?