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We are collecting User Stories to help promote the release of Inkscape, and as a useful ongoing resource to inspire others to try Inkscape, and participate in it's ongoing improvement and development.

Want to help? Please just answer these questions:

Jump to the Template at the end of the page and just copy and paste it on to a new page and add in your answers.

Create a new page by adding UserStories047/MyName to the User Stories Index.

What is your Name?

This can be your full name, or an IRC nick, etc

Can you give us a Photo?

Just a headshot or avatar to identify you, and add colour and interest to the profile.

What do you think about Inkscape?

What do you like about it? How did you discover it? What do you use it for? What would make it even better? (up to 200 words)

Can you give us a Hot Tip for using Inkscape?

Tell us something you think is cool, nifty, handy or useful that you would like to share with others about using Inkscape.

Can you share some of your Artwork?

Upload an example piece of artwork, or diagram or graphic that show cases how you use Inkscape.

How did you do it?

Write a short description of the main tools and techniques you used to create that artwork. If you like you can add step by step instructions so others can try it out too.

Do you give us permission to use this to promote Inkscape?

We need your permission to use all of the above on the website (and other relevant publications) to promote the upcoming Release of Version 0.47 Preferred License: Creative Commons - Share Alike.

User Stories Index


===What is your Name?===
===Can you give us a Photo?===
===What do you think about Inkscape?===
===Can you give us a Hot Tip for using Inkscape?===
===Can you share some of your Artwork?===
===How did you do it?===
===Do you give us permission to use this to promote Inkscape?===

To create a new page add [[UserStories047/YourNameOrNicHere]] to the User Stories Index, save it and then click on the link you created, paste in this template and edit it!