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Future manual outline

Here's a more detailed outline proposal. I know it's missing some stuff. If you have any suggestions, feel free to add and/or comment on them. -JF

  • Introduction to Inkscape
    • About SVG
    • State of available SVG software
    • Inkscape Goals
    • Interface (no real depth here - just a basic overview of how these things work, where they are, what they look like...)
      • Menus
      • Command Bar
      • Toolbars
      • Tool Options
      • Working with the Canvas
      • Rulers, Guides and Grids
      • Palette
      • Information Bar
      • Dialogs (at least the difference between floating/docked)

For me, dialogs, how to work with canvas, how to work with tool, it's after. (/elisa)

I like your layout. I moved a few things (Tool Options after toolbars, since it makes more sense to have the subordinate come second). I think we still need to make mention of the Dialogs here, but just general mention of how they work. The specifics of each dialog will come in following sections. You still have Working with the Canvas above, though you said you thought it should come later. I think it should be briefly described above, more specifically later. -JF

  • Toolbox (In depth, but limited to what you can do simply by clicking on the tool and using its toolbar controls)
    • Selector
    • Node Tool
    • Tweak Tool
    • Magnification Tool
    • Object Tools
      • Box Tool
      • Elipse Tool
      • Shape Tool
      • Spiral Tool
    • 3D Tool
    • Drawing Tools
      • Freehand Tool
      • Bezier Tool
      • Calligraphy Tool
        • Engraving Tool
    • Paint Bucket / Fill Tool
    • Text Tool
    • Diagram Tool
    • Color Tools
      • Gradient Tool
      • Color Picker / Dropper

(elisa) for me color bar not here, but at the begining in presentation of interface. (/elisa)

I took it out - since there's not much to talk about anyway it will be taken care of in the interface section. -JF

  • Advanced Topics (Stuff in menus and dialogs)
    • Fill / Stroke
    • Effects
      • Filter (Different from path effects?)
      • Path
      • Raster
    • Arrangement of Objects
      • Coordinates (?)
      • Layers
      • Aligning
      • Grids, Guides & Snapping
    • Object Operations
      • Path Operations
      • Selecting / Copying / Pasting
      • Grouping
      • Duplicating / Cloning / Tile Cloning
      • Transforming
      • Clip / Mask
      • Bitmap Functions (any operation particular to bitmaps not covered elsewhere)
        • Make Bitmap Copy
    • Text (Detailed)
    • Input (Mouse, Keyboard, Pen Tablet, Telekinesis :)
    • Document Properties
    • (Vacuum Defs)
    • Import / Export / Saving As (detailed)
      • Openclipart Import / Export Script
    • Printing
    • Inkscape Preferences

(elisa) For me, all ok,all the dialogs and the effects here.(/elisa)

  • Super Advanced Topics ("Power User" stuff, hidden options, etc)
    • XML Editor
    • Color Profiling (Color Management)
    • Whiteboard
    • Hidden Options
    • Command Line
    • Scripting
    • Using Inkview (Can it do anything besides display a file?)
  • Resources
    • Tutorials (Either included or linked to online version)
    • Website / Wiki
    • Forums / Mailing Lists
    • SVG Spec Reference
    • Other Pertinent Links