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Future manual outline

Présentation d'inkscape Introduction to Inkscape

La boîte à outils Toolbox | how far, should we include here all tool options? for example "How to use bézier tool"

Les dialogues Windows and Dialogs

le menu Chemin Path Menu

le menu Effets et les filtres Effects and Filters Menu

les raccourcis claviers Keyboard Map | do we need to put other input information together with keyboard stuff (pen tablet and even mouse related)?

I would add some step by step tutorials like the "beginning with inkscape" but on other subjects. This has been done by gimp docs team very successfully.

Here's a more detailed outline proposal. I know it's missing some stuff. If you have any suggestions, feel free to add and/or comment on them. -JF

Introduction to Inkscape About SVG State of available SVG software Inkscape Goals Interface (no real depth here) Using the mouse & Keyboard Working with the canvas Working with simple objects Basics of object properties Opening / Saving files Elements of Interface Menus Toolbars / Bottom bar Dialogs How they work (or Different types: Floating / Docked) How to use them

Toolbox (In depth, but limited to what you can do simply by clicking on the tool and using its toolbar controls) Selector Node Tool Tweak Tool Magnification Tool Object Tools Box Tool Elipse Tool Shape Tool Spiral Tool 3D Tool Drawing Tools Freehand Tool Bezier Tool Calligraphy Tool Engraving Tool Paint Bucket / Fill Tool Text Tool Diagram Tool Color Tools Gradient Tool Color Picker / Dropper Color Bar (Not really in the Toolbox, but makes sense here - however, I think plans are to do something different with it)

Advanced Topics (Stuff in menus and dialogs) Fill / Stroke Effects Filter (Different from path effects?) Path Raster Arrangement of Objects Coordinates (?) Layers Aligning Grids, Guides & Snapping Object Operations Path Operations Selecting / Copying / Pasting Grouping Duplicating / Cloning / Tile Cloning Transforming Clip / Mask Bitmap Functions (any operation particular to bitmaps not covered elsewhere) Make Bitmap Copy Text (Detailed) Input (Mouse, Keyboard, Pen Tablet, Telekinesis :) Document Properties (Vacuum Defs) Import / Export / Saving As (detailed) Openclipart Import / Export Script Printing Inkscape Preferences

Super Advanced Topics ("Power User" stuff, hidden options, etc) XML Editor Color Profiling (Color Management) Whiteboard Command Line Scripting Using Inkview (Can it do anything besides display a file?)

Resources Tutorials (Either included or linked to online version) Website / Wiki Forums / Mailing Lists SVG Spec Reference Other Pertinent Links