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scratch pad

test ;-)

launchpad bug tags

List of used tags
moved this section to a separate page: List of Launchpad bug tags
Recent tag changes
Currently there is no method available (or in reach of my limited skills?) to extract used tags from the launchpad bug tracker. Bug tracker notifications per e-mail contain a X-header field (X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags) that lists the current tags of a bug report and any changes to the tags is listed as part of the message body.
list of extracted bug tags from the mbox since I joined the bug team ( last update: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 08:03 CET)
temporarily listed
used tags 2009-11-18 linked to LP search (all, newest first):

2geom 3d 3dbox 64-bit accessibility all-platforms alpha amd64 animation apport-bug apport-collected apport-crash autosave bezier bidi bitmap blocker blur bsd build build-compile-code-design cairo calligraphy cdr cjk cli clipboard clipping clones color configure connectors content crash css defs desktop-integration dia documentation dxf emf encoding eps eraser exporting extensions extensions-plugins filters-svg fonts freehand

debug extension

tool to display info about extension system, loaded modules, versions...
Bug #448285 “lxml version bundled with Inkscape is old”