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scratch pad

bug tags

where to keep an updated list of used inkscape bug tracker (launchpad) tags?

tags-list 2009-09-22 <>

2geom 3d 3dbox 64-bit accessibility aim all-platforms alpha amd64 angle angular apport-bug apport-collected apport-crash arabic automation autosave axonometric bezier bidi bitmap blur bsd build build-compile-code-design cairo calligraphy cdr centre chameleon clipboard clipping clipping-path clone clones closepath color compiz cone conic connectors content coordinates copy copy-paste craah crash creating css cyrillic declaration defs desktop-integration dia dialogs displaced display distort document-properties documentation dxf effects emf eps erase eraser evince expand export exporting extension extensions extensions-plugins feature fill filters-svg fit fit-page-to-selection focus font fonts free freehand freeze full fullscreen gamma gnome gnuplot gradient grid grids group grouped grouping gsoc2009-color guides hand help history href http icons image imagemagick import import-export importing inkboard inkscape installer internet invisible-layer java kern keyboard keys landscape latex layer layers licence ligature ligatures line-height link linux list livepatheffects load localisation locking logo lpe mac macosx management marker markers maximize maximum memory menu metadata motif mouse needs-confirm-on-svn-head netbook node node-editing nodes non-grouped object object-shape object-text object-to-pattern objects objects-freehand-calligraphic objects-gradients objects-markers objects-nodes objects-pattern odg on opacity openclipart orientation ornemantal osx other oversampling packaging page paper paste patch path pattern pdf pdf-import pencil performance perspective planes png poppler portable position positioning preview print printing problem process proxy ps psfrag python quality radial-gradient-fill radialgradient reference regression remember remove render renderer request resize restore romanian rotation rulers save saving script scripts select selection serbian shape-editing single-dots size slider slovenian snapping snapshot soc-2008-juca solaris solarize sparse spiral spiro stamp stroke stroke-width style styles svg svg-xml symmetry tablet text text-tool tiled-clones tool tools transformations translation translation-geometry transparency tutorials ubuntu ui ui-dialogs-toolbars ui-guide-grid-ruler ui-palette-color ui-preferences ui-preview ui-selection-group-layer ui-shortcuts ui-text ui-xml undo unexpected-error ungroup usability usb value version vertical viewbox vista vml website wiki win32 win32-vista window wishlist with wmf x11 xaml xlink xmleditor zoom