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* https://coggle.it/diagram/XlAcCDi4MZ8ldaNn/t/inkscape-download-options
* https://coggle.it/diagram/XlAcCDi4MZ8ldaNn/t/inkscape-download-options
== How to start Inkscape volunteering (Mindmap) ==
* https://coggle.it/diagram/Xj9VouDnEHll_eWg/t/how-to-start-inkscape-volunteering

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I love Inkscape! I am a longe time user (since ~2007) and after a while (2010) became a volunteer of the project. Helping initially with translations of the manuals and tutorials (as well as the interface, at some extent) but now I am doing an effort to hang around the project more and assist with ticket triaging as well as helping to improve UX/UI elements of the application so we can conquer the world sooner than later.

List of interesting SVG programs

Program/Service Windows MacOS Linux Perpetual License
Shapeshifter Y Y Y Free
Wick Editor Y Y Y Free
Plain pattern Y Y Y Free
Anigen Y Y Y Free
SVG Artista Y Y Y Open Source
SVG Mator Y Y Y Free/No registration
Vivus Y Y Y Free
Editor (Method) Y Y Y Free
SVG Editor Y Y Y Free
SVG Backgrounds Y Y Y Free

How to take good screenshots in different platforms


For more specific screenshots, Windows has built-in keyboard shortcuts for screenshots:

Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: PrtScn
Save full screen screenshot: Windows Key + PrtScn (or Windows Key + Volume Down on a tablet)
Copy screenshot of single window: Alt + PrtScn
Save screenshot of single window: Windows Key + Alt + PrtScn

Have a Microsoft Surface tablet or laptop? Instead of the PrtScn key, here are the keyboard shortcuts to use:

Copy full screen screenshot to clipboard: Fn + Space
Copy screenshot of single window: Fn + Alt + Space
Save full screen screenshot: Fn + Windows Key + Space


Macs don't come with a screenshot button, but you can still capture anything on your screen with the default Mac screenshot keyboard shortcuts:

Save fullscreen screenshot: Command + Shift + 3
Save screenshot of single window: Command + Shift + 4, press the Space key, then click on the window you want to capture
Save screenshot of selection: Command + Shift + 4, then select the area you want to capture with your mouse cursor.

Linux (Ubuntu)

Taking screenshots in Ubuntu — one of the most popular Linux desktop distributions — works almost the same as on a Windows PC. You'll likely use a standard Windows keyboard with Ubuntu, so the PrtScn key is still the easiest way to take a screenshot. The only difference is, on Ubuntu, PrtScn will capture a screenshot, then show a dialog where you can choose to copy the screenshot to the clipboard or save it to your computer.

Here are the default Ubuntu screenshot keyboard shortcuts:

Full screen screenshot: PrtScn
Screenshot of current window: Alt + PrtScn
Screenshot of selection: Shift + PrtScn

Inkscape Download Options (Mindmap)

How to start Inkscape volunteering (Mindmap)