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My real name is Krzysztof Kosiński. I'm an Inkscape contributor since March 2008, and my SVN nickname is 'tweenk'. Some things I've done so far:

  • Fixed the clipboard to use the system-wide clipboard instead of a bunch of variables
  • Refactored preference handling
  • Heavily cleaned up and simplified the build system
  • Made all icons themable and created a big mess in the process :)
  • Made bitmap images automatically embedded where suitable
  • Substantially improved the Windows port by updating and rebuilding the devlibs
  • Worked on GSoC2009 Node Tool Rewrite
  • When not coding, I'm trying to make the Inkscape Wiki a better place - I wrote tutorials for libsigc++, shared pointers and updated the tutorial for preferences

I have a lot of ideas for refactoring and generally making Inkscape easier to work with from the developer perspective.