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Works in progress

Things I've planned to do...

  • Clipboard:
    • Following a clipboard.cpp TODO line, deal with x-special/gnome-copied-files target
    • Implement a real ClipboardManager::isEmpty() method
    • Check all includes
    • Bug #942052
  • Have a second look at Bug #677081 thanks to the new understanding of the project
  • Solve 50cts questions like:
    • Which one between char*, gchar*, std::string and Glib::ustring?
    • Compilation warnings: do we have to delete or set but unused variables, even those which are delared only for futur needs? (like desktop in some functions parameters)
    • SP_ACTIVE_DESKTOP or inkscape_active_desktop()?
    • SP_ACTIVE_DOCUMENT or inkscape_active_document()?
    • Merge between Tracking Dependencies and Dependencies?
    • Merge between Category:Proposals and Category:Specification ?
  • Propose an easyhacks system as in LibreOffice team