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Joining the Inkscape Community

Please remember that Inkscape is a project staffed by volunteers who try to spend as much time as is available improving Inkscape.

We welcome all additional volunteers, but hope they will begin by becoming familiar with what is available on the web site [1], the wiki [2], the project management sites [3] [4], and, especially, the books, manuals, and tutorials [5]. Many of your predecessors have spent much time trying to make these your transition path onto the team. For casual questions or in-depth discussion, the official chat room is the Jabber conference room inkscape at, which is bridged with the channel #inkscape on Wikipedia has articles on Jabber(XMPP) and IRC and their clients [6] [7].

A good self-evaluation of your knowledge is a subscription to the official development mailing list [8]. Read the discussions there until they begin to make some sense. When they seem intelligible, introduce yourself.

To introduce the veteran team members, we have listed them with their area of expertise or leadership. Their names are listed with their SourceForge nicknames in parenthesis. Their names are linked to their Launchpad account and their nicknames are linked to their SourceForge account. Both servers allow you to send the person a message, but the Launchpad server requires registration first. (The Inkscape project is transitioning to Launchpad rather than SourceForge for project management.)

Contact Persons by Field

Older information has been retained in an archive