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  • I'm a French guy living in France England (London), but wanting to move (anywhere, as long as it is in a mountain area) (moutains are quite small near London).
  • My main tasks on Inkscape consist in the translation of interface and documents to French.
  • My motivation for contributing to the development of Inkscape is that I want to be able to draw some small maps/topos for my favourite hobbies (caving, climbing, mountaineering, biking).
  • I can be contacted via email (matiphas at free dot fr) or be found on irc freenode/#inkscape (nickname matiphas[fr] or gero).

Todo list:


  • polish French translations (typography, style...) before 0.45 0.46
    • must polish translations of interface, tutorial and release notes
    • replace the following by appropriate char : accentuated upcase chars, ..., non-breakable spaces, half spaces, ", oe, x, - (etc.)
  • take a look at disambiguification of strings in interface, plus translatability of some new strings (palette names/colors...)
  • Translate release notes to French
    • 0.46 not started yet
    • 0.45 on going
    • 0.44 done, needs a review
    • 0.43 done (not by me), review on going
    • others : starting now
  • Translate to French "a guide to Inkscape" (on going)
  • Involve Lubomira on translation some content to Slovak


  • Update Inkscape Terminology wiki page (on going) : see
  • Join some other translation teams (Gnome/KDE)
    • Already joined Rosetta (Ubuntu), but did not find much time to really involve
  • Update FAQ :
    • not started yet. Must set this up for 0.45
    • take lead on update of FAQ page incorporation in package
  • Work on some embedded help content : see
  • Interviews and articles
    • interview questions reviewed by Bryce and Pygmee (thanks). Now trying to find potential victims!
    • try to code a small extension, and write an article about this (English and French).
    • start a small article on basic utilisation of Inkscape
  • Take a look again to Tutorials brought by, and see if they can be adapted to Inkscape


  • test xml2po for French tutorials and keys.xml
    • (German guys are quite strong with it)
    • test xml2po on tutorials illustrations : Colin reported it works ! (must say that Colin is a tough guy !)
  • check again xslt for generating tutorials (saxon is a nightmare on my machine)
    • install Dapper Ubuntu instead of Breezy
    • verify Java is much more usable (gcj or sun?)
    • test again Saxon
  • test OmegaT for translations
    • same, java is needed for this
    • must not forget that OmegaT team has been very nice, helping us finding some new translator contacts, and is also able to provide fast and efficient support when i will test the application



  • Interface translation to French: 0.40, 0.41, 0.42, 0.43, 0.44, 0.45.
    • Supported by Romain Thouvenain, Frédéric Rodrigo, Jonathan Ernst