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  • I'm a French guy living in Paris (France), but wanting to move (anywhere, as long as it is in a mountain area).
  • My main tasks on Inkscape consist in the translation of interface and documents to French.
  • My motivation for contributing to the development of Inkscape is that I want to be able to draw some small maps/topos for my favourite hobbies (caving, climbing, mountaineering, biking).

Todo list:

  • test xml2po for French tutorials (German guys are quite strong with it)
  • test xml2po on tutorials illustrations
  • check again xslt for generating tutorials (saxon is a nightmare on my machine)
  • test OmegaT for translations
  • Update Inkscape Terminology wiki page (on going)
  • Update Translation Information wiki page (on going)
  • Translate release notes to French (on going)
  • Try to recruit some new translators (on going)
  • Play a little bit with sdpd po files (Done : the result is that those files would not bring some new significant translations)
  • Update FAQ
  • Work on some embedded help content : see
  • Contribute and take lead on update of FAQ page + incorporation in package
  • Translate to French "a guide to Inkscape" (on going)


Hi Matiphas, Thanks for all your work on the wiki! I have activated your sysop permissions, so you have some extra tools for managing the translated wiki pages and controlling spam. BryceHarrington 10:26, 13 June 2006 (PDT)

Thanks a lot Bryce.