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{{Main Page/Code|lang=en
About Wiki=This is a freeform area for Inkscape development and discussion. Curious about [[WikiSyntax]]?|
About Inkscape=About Inkscape|
About Inkscape Item=
* [http://www.inkscape.org/ Inkscape Homepage]
* [[About Inkscape]]
* [[Features of Inkscape|Features]]
* [[FAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions
* [[Project information]]
* [[Supported operating systems]]
* [[Tools]] - Supporting Tools and Applications
* [[Galleries]]
* [[Inkscape coverage|Coverage]] - Awards, articles, presentations, books about Inkscape
* [[Inkscape popularity|Popularity]]
* [[Contact information]] - the developers' e-mails and SVN nicknames
User Documentation=User Documentation|
User Documentation Item=
* [[Installing Inkscape|Installation]]
* [[International and Local Communities]]
* [[Inkscape glossary]]
* [[User manual information]] - where to find the free Inkscape manual and how to contribute to it
* [http://inkscape.org/doc/ Tutorials]
* [[Inkscape SVG vs. plain SVG]]
* [[Output format requirements]] - what's needed to save in some formats
* [[Effect requirements]] - what's needed to use some effects
* [[Effect reference]] - what each effect does
* [[Connector tool tutorial]]
* [[Installing fonts]]
* [[Emergency save]] - recovery in case Inkscape crashed
* [[Release notes]]
** for version [[Release notes/0.49|0.49]] (active development)
** for version [[Release notes/0.48.3|0.48.3]] (upcoming stable bug-fix)
** '''for version [[Release notes/0.48.2|0.48.2]] (current release)'''
** older versions: [[Release notes/0.48.1|0.48.1]], [[Release notes/0.48|0.48]], [[Release notes/0.47|0.47]]
* [[Announcing Releases]]
* [[Tricks and tips]] - miscellaneous advice, may be slightly outdated
Help Inkscape Without Coding=Help Inkscape Without Coding|
Help Inkscape Without Coding Item=
* [[Bug management]]
* [[Testing]]
* [[Translation information]]
* [[Editing Inkscape's website|Website]]
* [[Inkscape Classes]]
* [[Conferences]]
* [[Marketing Scratchpad]]

* [[HelpWanted]]
* [[BugTriageProjects]]
* [[CreatingDists]]: how to build packages
* [[StableBranchUpdates]]
* [[UpdatingTrackerItems]]
* [[TutorialsAndHelp]]
* [[How_To_Start_A_Page]] how to use the wiki
* [[AboutScreenContest]]
Developer Documentation=Developer Documentation|
First Steps=First Steps|
First Steps Item=
* [[Working with Bazaar]] - How to obtain the source code. A quick start on how to use our version control system
* [[Compiling Inkscape|Compilation]]
* [[Using Eclipse]]
* [[Developer manual]] - various important information, be sure to read this before coding
* [[Debugging Inkscape|Debugging]] - random tips to help debug problems
* [[Project organization]] - procedures, hierarchy, developer roles and the likes
* [[Janitorial tasks]] - small tasks that need doing
* [[Doxygen documentation]]
* [[Working with SVN]] - besides the code in Bazaar, we still have some things in SVN.
Developer tutorials=Developer tutorials|
Developer tutorials Item=
* [[Architectural overview]] - a high-level look at Inkscape
* [[Preferences subsystem]] - creating and using preference values
* XML subsystem (WIP) - how to manipulate the XML representation of a document
* Display subsystem (WIP) - how to make things appear on the canvas
* Tools subsystem (WIP) - how to create a new tool
* [[Creating a new SPObject]]
* Extensions
** [[Extension subsystem]] - an overview of the functionality provided by extensions and the possible implementations
** [[Script extensions]]
** [[Python modules for extensions]] - some helpful routines for use in Python script extensions
* [[Creating Live Path Effects]]
* [[Boost shared pointers]]
* [[Using libsigc++ signals]]
* [[Windows development on Linux]]
Miscellaneous Item=
* [[INX extension descriptor format]]
* [[Inkscape-specific XML attributes]] - documentation of attributes from Inkscape's XML namespace
* [[Extension repository]]: an Internet central for Inkscape Extensions
* [[Related programs]]
Development Discussion=Development Discussion|
Development Discussion Item=
* [[Roadmap]]: the main todo list
* [[Dependencies]] - what libs are needed to build Inkscape
* [[NewFeatureProposals]]
* [[ExtensionArchitectureProposals]]
* [[Coding Style|Coding Style Discussion]]
* [[FileTypes]]
* [[ApplicationIcons]] (Application + Interface)
* [[Icons]]
* [[InkscapeColor]]
* [[PrintingSubsystem]]
* [[SVG Tiny Compliance]]
* [[SVG Test Suite Compliance]] - [[W3C]] full test suite
* [[CSS Support]]
* [[Google Summer Of Code]]
* [[Improved Media Management]]
* [[UI MockupScreenshots]]
* [[Swatch Book]]
* [[Tablet Dialog]]
* [[ViewBoxToDo]] View box support info
* [[Caching]]
* [[UI and Document coordinates‎]]
* [[Mipmapping]]
* [[GtkMMification]]: replace C boilerplate with gtkmm objects
Lib2Geom Item=
*[[lib2geom Goals]]
*[[lib2geom FAQ]]
*[[lib2geom SVN Repository Guide]]
*[[WorkingWith2GeomFAQ]]: real-life questions answered about using 2Geom in real code
*[[lib2geom py2geom]]: python bindings to 2geom. With this you can use the power of 2geom in python scripts.
User Interface Discussion=User Interface Discussion|
User Interface Discussion Item=
* [[Translation_information]]
* [[AddingInterfaceVerbs]]
* [[AccessibleGraphics]]
* [[ObjectManager]]
* [[DialogsReorganization]]
* [[ModalInterfaces]]
* [[TextUsability]]: text tool /dialog dialog
* [[KeyboardShortcutsToDo]]
** [[KeyboardProfiles]]: how you can help
* [[StatusbarAPI]]
* [[Animation-(Timeline)]]
* [[Free Desktop Graphic Suite]]
WikiAttic=[[WikiAttic]]: pages that are no longer relevant but kept for historical value|

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