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My tasks

  • i18n and i10n.
  • French translator.
  • Extensions stuff.
  • Doc and tutorials management.
  • Bug team (triage and fixes).
  • Blueprints and patch review.
  • UI consistency.
  • Some misc. administrative tasks on Launchpad.

Work in progress (0.48.x and 0.49)



  • Context refactoring. Old context strings (such as _(Context|String)) should be replaced with gettext C_() context macros. >Done revision 9722.
  • Context support in extensions (the msgctxt attribute is not used at all in the C++ code). In progress.
  • JessyInk python files translation.
  • (make translations of key reference accessible from menu). Done inkscape-docs revision 385


Tutoring and related

  • Help Binnette finish the New from template feature (and Save as Template dialog and menu).
  • Help Centrale Lyon debug and integrate the Imagelink project.



Long term plans

Vista testing

Note: Vista is far from being my favorite OS (my main one is Ubuntu), but having access to a Vista laptop is a good opportunity to test specific bugs...

Traduction française

  • Voir le titre des propriétés du lien.
  • Menu raccourci pour l'outil texte (décalage vertical :).
  • Retourner les noeudS verticalement.
  • Double espaces dans les textes.