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JazzyNico's plans for 0.49



  • Context refactoring. Old context strings (such as _(Context|String)) should be replaced with gettext C_() context macros.
  • Context support in extensions (the msgctxt attribute is not used at all in the C++ code).
  • JessyInk python files translation.


Tutoring and related

  • Help Binnette finish the New from template feature (and Save as Template dialog and menu).
  • Help Centrale Lyon debug and integrate the Imagelink project.


  • XAML improvements.
  • Imagemagick bitmap crop (a bit hard for me, but interesting).
  • New custom drop-shadow filters (with color widget).
  • Uncommitted patch review. There are lots of patches which could be committed (new markers, shapes location rotation...).
  • Fix the XCF export bug (when H and W have units).