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Ideathinker on Inkscape

As visual work is an a hughe part of my daily work wheter it's web design, sleeve and cover design, or other graphich elements I'm constantly looking for the best most effective way to spend my time. I need the right blend of tools that will let me create without limits.

Inkscape let's me draw freely with it's nice blend of functions and tools, some stuff are easy to use while some of the UI is rather complicated. The result is smooth looking and verstalie images though.

I didn't choose Inkscape because it's free, but rather for it's function and the fact it supports a truely open format.

--Ideathinker 00:54, 9 May 2006 (PDT)

Next: 1) My own wish list 2) What Can I Do?

I keep sample of my work and a blog linked at ( Ideathinker AfterWork ) and will keep my Inkscape and SVG related thoughts, contribution, rants, and efforts here at this very location your at.