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===Suggested Mock-up Image===
===Suggested Mock-up Image===

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Proposals relating to Blueprints

Palette Manager

See existing Blueprint https://blueprints.launchpad.net/inkscape/+spec/color-palette-management

To enable easy creation and editing of a palette of colours. Add a simple Colour Palette Manager. Today there are tricks and workarounds, but no single interface.

Reason 1) Working on printed material with a limited number of colour available Reason 2) Keep Corporate Identity colours ready

Palette Manager Operations:

  • Create a new Palette of Colours
  • Add new colour to my list
  • Display the colours visually in a list
  • Pick colours from the list to apply to objects
  • Delete colours from the list. Does not affect objects using it (option)
  • Edit colours in the list as I go. To affect all objects using it
  • Keep the list in the document for future use
  • Save the Palette in a folder.
  • Load a Palette from a folder.

Suggested Mock-up Image

Palette Manager.jpg