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=== pt_BR ===
=== pt_BR ===
*[http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/nou-rau/softwarelivre/document/?code=143&tid=6 Manual Desenho Vectorial do Inkscape] (pt_BR)
*[http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/nou-rau/softwarelivre/document/?code=158&tid=6 Manual do inkscape 0.40] (pt_BR)
*[http://valessio.ul-jb.org/blog/?p=59 Criando raios com inkscape / Usando Blur] (pt_BR)
*[http://valessio.ul-jb.org/blog/?p=59 Criando raios com inkscape / Usando Blur] (pt_BR)
*[http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/nou-rau/softwarelivre/document/?code=172&tid=6 Criando a logo do Ubuntu] (pt_BR)
*[http://www.rau-tu.unicamp.br/nou-rau/softwarelivre/document/?code=157&tid=6 Utilização de Imagens SVG em Páginas Web] (pt_BR)
== Help & helpful articles ==
== Help & helpful articles ==

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Unofficial tutorials







Help & helpful articles

Creating New Tutorials

Easy way:

  1. Load up one of the existing tutorials
  2. Replace its text and images with your own
  3. Upload it to the Patch Tracker. Make SURE to click the "Upload and Attach a File" checkbox!

Official way:

  1. Create a DocBook XML file like the Basic Tutorial DocBook
  2. Follow directions in the tutorial directory README for formatting and handling of embedded non-SVG images
  3. Create a subdirectory in the doc-docbook module and place the new tutorial docbook file there
  4. Test tutorial generation using the `make-html`, `make-svg`, and `make-all` scripts
  5. Announce the availability of the new tutorial