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Diese Seite setzt sich zusammen aus Ideen für und erster Entwicklung von neuen Tutorials, die für neue und/oder alte BenutzerInnen nützlich sind.

Fertiggestellte Turorials

Geplante Tutorials


  • Wie man ein Icon erstellt.
  • Wie man eine Präsentation mittels Inkscape erstellt.
  • Wie man mit Hilfe des Bool'schen Verfahrens komplexe Formen konstruiert.
  • Wie man Inkscape benutzt, um Grafiken für LaTeX- / ConTeXt-Dokumenten zu erstellen.
  • etc.

Ein Tutorial, das gerade von John Griessen geschrieben wird:

This writing is a journal of how a project to recreate a business card originally made with Illutrator 7, after losing the original file, so the comparison to Illustrator is much from memory and not to be taken as the last word, but a guide as to how the programs compare.

Beigefügt ist ein PNG der gedruckten Vistitenkarte:

It originally was a collection of paths filled with colors and text objects with grouping to make replicating some objects easy.

Der Shell-Befehl '$inkscape --version' zeigt uns, hier handelt es sich um Inkscape 0.39cvs (Jul 2 2004).

The logo main element is a pseudo sine wave, and I made it before with grid snap and stretching and replicating, so now I set my units to mm and grid spacing and snap to 1 and remember how it would be nice to have major and minor grids instead of just one, so I want to create some vertical guides evenly spaced and cannot remember and start looking in docs. In Illustrator 7, clicking on the ruler bar created a guide if I recall... Once created, it could be moved with grid snap like any object, so getting it on grid or off was easy. As I read around, I find the usage of guides in "Keys and Mouse" "drag off a ruler" is the way... and a guide is on the page, and I can't snap it to easily make the accurate secondary grid I had wanted....Is there a way to? I try duplicate on the guide, but alas, it is not a regular object... it cannot be selected as they are...so I cannot replicate guides to make other grids after all... note for the beginner, to get bezier curves out of the line/bezier tool, you must click-drag. A click-only will give you only connected straight line segments. I'll have to use lines as guides, http://home.austin.rr.com/jgriessen/ill2ink-tut1.png

Andere SVG-Tutorials