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Generic tricks and tips

The tips and tricks are collected to share/tutorials/tipsandtricks.svg and made apart of the release. If you want to contribute further, please add your tips and tricks to the CVS copy of the aforementioned. Also, you can add them below and they will be collected from time to time as a part of that tutorial.

New Tips and Tricks Scratchpad

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New tip

Swatch Palette:

Inkscape doesn't currently have a swatch/colour palette.

As an intermediate measure you can create or open a swatch palette in another application (eg in GIMP). Then take a screenshot of the pallette (eg. GIMP has an acquire command in the file menu to do this) and save it as a .bmp file.

Import the bmp file into your current inkscape file, you can then use the inkscape colour picker to select colours from the palette bitmap! Then just delete the bmp from your file when you have finished.

(or you could keep a collection of coloured svg boxes, stored in a separate file)

Adding fill to Shapes drawn with the Calligraphic Pen tool

Quick tut on how to add fill to shapes you've drawn with the calligraphic pen. upload:filling_calligraphy.svg