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  • Dithering for gradients (see Dithering section) is available with a build flag (-DWITH_INTERNAL_CAIRO=ON), which causes Cairo to be patched for dithering during the build process. Please find more information in MR #3812.
  • New dependency on python-cssselect added which is required for usage of Inkscape extensions (MR #3239)
  • Added Python appdirs dependency (MR #3568)
  • As Python distutils are now deprecated, they have been replaced by python3-packaging (MR extensions#368)
  • The extension that imports images from the internet requires the Python cachecontrol module
  • gcodetools (gcodetools), extension manager (inkman) and clipart importer (clipart) are now all submodules of the extensions submodule. Make sure to update submodules recursively with --recurse-submodules when updating your git branches!
  • Inkscape now builds without X11 (cmake option) (MR #3208)