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  • The color selector's color wheel looks better now on HiDPI screens (MR #2416)
  • Color slider no longer has a thin line going across it on HiDPI screens (MR #2733)
  • The color indicator field in the bottom left corner of the window now uses a constant width and has been cleaned up a bit (MR #2400)
  • Improved icon colors, fixing multiple bugs for different Gtk themes and icon themes (MR #2845)
  • You can now just click in the color wheel to select a color (MR #2428)
  • The color picker works again in extension dialogs and other dialogs that are not the 'Fill and Stroke' dialog (Bug #1026)
  • When rotating the canvas, objects' handles rotate along with it now (MR #2334)
  • Reverse order of z-order buttons to achieve more consistency (MR #2556)
  • Icon for 'Unset paint' in the Fill & Stroke dialog was improved (MR #2770)
  • The status bar updates correctly now when removing a filter (Bug #2208)
  • The canvas colors update instantly now after activating / deactivating the color managed view (Bug #1948)
  • Authors and translators of Inkscape are displayed in the 'About Inkscape' dialog again on Windows (Bug #1592)
  • Parts of the user interface were empty after starting Inkscape (Bug #1509)
  • When returning to a minimized Inkscape window from another program, the Inkscape main window is now focused instead of one of the floating dialogs (Bug #1695)
  • Inkscape no longer asks twice whether you would like to save a file when trying to close it with Ctrl+W (Bug #1943)
  • Number fields that lost the ability to understand unit identifiers entered behind the number (e.g. enter '10cm' in a field that uses mm) now again know what to do with them (Bug #1282)
  • When right-clicking on a number entry field, you'll no longer be able to choose among duplicated or invalid values (MR #1446)
  • The Auto palette now shows all custom swatches that exist in a document (not only newly added ones) and should update reliably (Bug #2340)
  • Locked guides can no longer be deleted using Del (Bug #1905)
  • The keyboard shortcuts displayed in the menus are now updated instantly when changing the keyboard shortcut map (Bug #741)
  • Lasso selection now uses a dashed border to improve visibility with different background colors (Bug #1456)
  • Reading and updating information about available fonts is now faster (MR #2727)
  • Autosave overwrites the correct autosaved files now when the maximum number of autosave files is reached (Bug #1649)
  • The input mode indicator (needed for languages such as Chinese or Japanese) now appears at the text tool's cursor position again (Bug #1009)
  • Changed the font in number entry fields from a monospaced one to using the tabular numbers feature (MR #2763)
  • Wording and spelling improvements
  • Multiple memory leak fixes