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  • Texts are not accepted as operand for boolean operations and similar functions, such as nested offset. You now need to convert to path, ungroup, and union before using in Boolean operations. See #589.
  • For both Text-inside-shape and Text-on-path, selecting the text and path/shape and using Align & Distribute -> Align (e.g. on page center) changes the relative position between text and shape. As a workaround, group them first.
  • Manual Kerning, Text angle etc. are not supported for SVG2 flowed text by means of the specification. However, the corresponding spinbuttons in the Text toolbar are not inactive, and changing them will have no effect. #703
  • The popover to edit attributes in the XML Editor is truncated when dialog is undocked or floating. See #1255.
  • Grid origin is dependent on y-axis direction. For old files with grids, flip the y-axis direction, or correct the origin in those files. See #933.
  • Dialogs not showing/hiding properly on small windows or some window configurations. Workaround is to resize the window or change focus to a different window. See #604.
  • Menu drop-downs appear on the wrong screen for some multi-screen setups [1]
  • Certain Live Path Effects are known to interact poorly. For example, Powerstroke creates a path with a lot of additional nodes, and Fillet/Chamfer then tries to change all these nodes. See 885.