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  • New dialog that allows you to see a list of patterns and SVG2 hatch fills used in the current document (or available by default) and to assign those to objects. The hatch fills can be modified by their handles on canvas in the future.
  • Server field contains the following options: All paint servers, Current Document and each document's title from the user's /paint configuration folder.
  • The Change field decides whether the fill or the stroke of the object will be set to the paint server on click.
  • You can select multiple objects or a group of objects and they will all get their fill or stroke changed to the selected paint server.
  • To add a new paint server, you need to add an .svg document in the /paint user configuration folder with the following restrictions:
    • the svg must be valid
    • it must have a unique <title> property
    • and it must have patterns or hatches with unique ids in the <defs> section.