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  • Adobe Illustrator 8.0 and below (UC) (*.ai) (Workaround: rename the file extension to .eps. Newer versions can still be imported if they contain an embedded PDF.)
  • Corel DRAW Compressed Exchange files (UC) (*.ccx)
  • Corel DRAW 7-X4 files (UC) (*.cdr) (*.cdr in general can still be imported)
  • Corel DRAW 7-13 template files (UC) (*.cdt)
  • Computer Graphics Metafile files (UC) (*.cgm)
  • Corel DRAW Presentation Exchange files (UC) (*.cmx)
  • HP Graphics Language Plot file [AutoCAD] (UC) (*.plt)
  • sK1 vector graphics files (UC) (*.sk1)
  • Dia Diagram (*.dia) (Workaround: export as a different format from Dia)