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  • Symbols: Visio Stencils loaded from .vss files now use their actual name instead of a placeholder derived from the symbol file's name (bug 1676144)
  • Shapes on Pen and Pencil tools now retain color and width (bug:1707899).
  • Text and Font dialog: The font selection no longer jumps to the top of the list when clicking Apply.
  • Docked dialogs now open on their own when the corresponding functionality is called from a menu or button [TBC: Bug: if minimized, this requires a second click]
  • The icon preview dialog now correctly shows the page background (Bug #1537497).
  • Improved performance of handling large paths and selections:
    • Accelerated path break-apart and Boolean operations by disabling intermittent canvas rendering during these operations.
    • Accelerated "deselect" speed by improving internal data structure algorithms.
    • Faster grouping and ungrouping of groups with a large number of objects
    • Speed boost to operations on large sets of objects in the Objects dialog (Bug #392)
  • As of Windows 10 (version 1809) fonts are installed into a new user-specific folder by default. Allow Inkscape to recognize those fonts. (#50)
  • The default Perl interpreter executable on Windows was changed from "perl.exe" to "wperl.exe" which should usually avoid flashing a console window. (#66)
  • Some printers who don't correctly recognize the page formats sent by Inkscape, printed only square excerpts of the whole image that was supposed to be printed. Now they print the whole image (Merge request).