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  • Each command-line argument can now be used only once. To specify multiple actions (verbs), use semicolons (e.g. --actions='ObjectFlipVertically;FileSave;FileClose').
  • Many actions can now take arguments (separated from the action name by a colon.
  • xverbs have been removed from Inkscape (command line commands that take parameters from a file, e.g. for saving the selection under a specified filename as svg file) (mailing list thread).
  • Files can also be saved as Inkscape SVG without calling the GUI save dialog (new command: --export-inkscape-svg)
  • Multiple objects in single file can be saved into individual files by giving a comma separated list of objects to the command: --export-id.
  • Inkscape can now import a specific page of a PDF file from the command line, for batch processing (new option: --pdf-page N).
  • For importing a pdf, the option to import via poppler is now available for the command line as 'pdf-poppler'.
  • New verb allows one to swap fill and stroke style from the command line: EditSwapFillStroke (a keyboard shortcut can now be assigned to it) (bug 675690)