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  • The new version converts all or only the selected text objects in place. This means that it is possible to convert text with paragraphs and to convert multiple text objects at once.
  • It now uses SVG fonts. This means that:
    • It is now possible to easily add and use custom stroke fonts.
    • Unicode characters are now supported.
    • Stroke fonts now support arbitrary curves rather than only straight segments.
  • Improved font selection with basic international characters
  • Automatted font-mapping: each text will be converted to the available Hershey font with the same font file name (e.g. 'Fancy Font.svg') as the current font (e.g. 'Fancy Font'), if one is available to the extension. The automatted mapping overrides any other Hershey font settings.
  • An option to generate font samples in all available SVG fonts is available.
  • An extensive help text is built into the extension.
  • Hershey Text is now located in the Extensions > Text submenu.