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  • New LPE selection dialog: the LPE list is now made available as a searchable dialog with an icon for each path effect, and options to favorite, to switch between list and tile view, to display info about the selected effect and to apply it. Several additional, experimental path effects are available after the corresponding switch has been activated.
  • Set default parameters: default values for any LPE can be set in the respective LPE's dialogue, when it is applied to an object

(Note: we have the 'multiple desktop preferences' problem here: If you have multiple Inkscape windows open, the last one will determine what will be saved to the preferences file, as preferences changes are only saved when Inkscape is closed, and the settings are only loaded from file when a new window is opened.)

  • Clip and Mask: improved handling
  • Fix multiple LPE BBox: a problem with the size of the bounding box when applying multiple LPEs to an object has been fixed
  • Knots on shapes: show edit knots in LPE shapes
  • Switch knots: change the handles to the correct LPE handles when one selects an LPE in the list of active LPEs for the selected object.