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  • Copy-Paste:
    • A long-standing, very annoying bug where, when copying an object to the clipboard while also running certain other programs on Linux desktops (mainly clipboard managers), caused multiple export extension dialogs to open, has been fixed, so you can now again use your favorite clipboard manager while also using Inkscape (Commit fe7c68, Bug #575)
    • When copy-pasting some items along with their originals/frames/paths (clones, text-on-path, text-in-a-shape, linked offsets), they are no longer displaced in relation to the pasted original (Commit b93f21, Bug #853)
  • Stroke to Path: Converting an object's stroke to a path no longer makes its clones vanish (Bug #1120)
  • Performance: Improved rendering performance when zooming through multiple zoom levels (Commit 28e21e)
  • CSS: CSS classes that start with a letter that isn't part of the ASCII set are no longer ignored (Bug #1094)
  • Cleanup: An outdated link that pointed to a potentially offensive website now has been removed from a branding document (Commit 88efa4)
  • User interface: Random actions should no longer cause sudden scaling of the canvas (Commit 49fc36)
  • Markers: When adding a marker to a line, it can now be removed with a single Undo action again (not two) (Commit 179fe9, Bug #2130)