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  • A series of related bugs with text objects was fixed (MR #2434).
    All of the affected actions required a text object to behave like a path, but it behaved like a group, and the action failed. This series of bugs mostly affected new users who were following tutorials which did not work as expected.
    Specifically, the following actions now work again:
    • A text object unioned with itself results in a single path again.
    • Text objects can again be used with other objects in all Boolean operations.
    • Text objects can again be inset and outset.
    • Text objects can again be used to create a Dynamic Offset or a Linked Offset.
  • The font preview sample now contains the correct currency symbols €¢ (instead of \342\202\254\302\242). One needs to reset the preferences to see the updated font sample text (MR #2547).
  • Custom font folders are found now and taken into account, even when the installed Pango version is newer than 1.44.7 (Bug #1977, Commit 1771fa)