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The GNU Image Manipulation Program (-2.2pre) includes gfig, which is an integrated plugin that allow vector manipulation and drawings. Gfig uses a custom text based file format, which is not XML and not SVG. However, the GIMP does include Path tools which can export to SVG, as well as a librsvg based plugin for importing SVG.

Launched by the menu: Filter->Render->Gfig

  • Support shapes: line, circle, ellipse, arc, reg polygon, bezier curve.
  • Object orientation
  • Object priority management.
  • Stroking shape using color/brushes
  • Filling with color, pattern, gradient
  • Grid, Snap to Grid
  • Grid types: Rectangle, Polar, and Isometric.
  • Show background picture (picture on which work is done).
  • stepping through each object, showing only one at a time and hiding all others