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It would be nice to have a complete Tangoified Inkscape Icon Set for a future release (hopefully sooner rather than later).

The current set here is lacking many icons. It is based on the Tango ArtLibre Icon Set, which also Gimp is using.

Maybe this would be a good place to list all the icons Inkscape needs and the corresponding icon places (whether filled or not) in the ArtLibre Set.

Standard naming and loading

We should try to get Inkscape loading those from standard calls and naming so that users can switch icons externally. The Tango naming utilities and following the Icon Naming Specification might help.

To get things going well, we also would probably need to get Inkscape to hook itself in as a standard GTK+ icon source. (So Inkscape would ask GTK+ to get an icon for it, and GTK+ would turn around and ask Inkscape to provide that icon).