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Here is an alternative proposal for the export dialog: batch export has been replaced by "export a list of groups" and "export all groups matching a regexp".

It would also be nice to be able to save several export targets in order to be able to juggle between them without messing with the file dialog all the time.

The export window is made of two parts: the upper part looks like the current export dialog, with the addition of "export a list of groups" and "export all groups matching a regexp", and "custom" is replaced by "rectangle". The selected filename can be enriched with meta-characters to accomodate both batch export and incremental save.

The lower part is a list of re-usable export targets, which allow various one-click exports, such as "incremental save as svg", "page as pdf…". These can be created by the user: setup an export in the upper part, name it and save it as a target.

Here is an illustration:

proposed export dialog

the source

A few suggestions:

  • Exporting to a bitmap should have an option for the oversampling level of bitmaps in the file, separate from the one in Inkscape Preferences. Or, it could simply oversample all bitmaps to 16x16 on export, similar to filter quality levels.
  • Perhaps Save As Copy should instead simply be a check box in the Save As menu.
  • Saving to plain SVG(Z) should parse all Inkscape-only functions to their svg equivalent. An in-menu warning stating this should be displayed when 'Plain SVG(Z)' is selected as the target file type. (For example, non-destructive edits possible in Inkscape but not in the SVG spec should be made destructive on save.)

Not sure how much of this is already implemented as of .48 (or even .47). --JadeMatrix 21:33, 24 August 2010 (UTC)