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Windows installer for 0.45?

FAQ claims a self-contained installer for Windows XP. Release 0.45 seems to be missing this.

Yes, it is possible to download an archive of 0.45 executables and libraries, but there seems to be no installer that would register file types to the executables and create menu entries, etc.

Is there a maintenance release coming with a Windows installer?


Download Inkscape

Since I really enjoy working with graphics [i basically use mspaint] and subscribe to 'computer tips' thru worldstart, they have led me to your program called 'Inkscape'.

I was wondering where I can acquire it at?


This FAQ says that inkscape can save in .ai format, but I don't see that option in version 0.44 under the save dialog. --Axiom 14:55, 22 August 2006 (UTC

Mac 10.4 ?

How do I make Inkscape work on a Mac with 10.4? The X.11 was installed--how do I make it active?

how about a 'select adjacent nodes' shortcut key

If you've ever used Wings 3D, you're probably familiar with hitting the + key or - key to expand or decrease the number of vectors in the current selection. I keep wishing I could do the same with nodes in Inkscape (how about with Alt + + and Alt + -).

In 0.45, it's pgup/pgdn or mouse wheel while the mouse is over a node.

Scale by percent?

I am a teacher of mathematics to future teachers, and would like to use Inkscape with my students for learning certain mathematical topics (mostly transformations.) However, in Inkscape, the scaling is % more than, not % of. While this may be the way that some graphics people like to think, it's not ideal for learning math.

1) It doesn't agree with the conventions in other software: AI, AppleWorks, MS Paint, Freehand,... OpenOffice is even worse: you have to say the actual amount more, not the percent more.

2) It makes certain key mathematical concepts less accessible: Twice as big is multiplying by 2 or 200%, a 15% tax on an amount is 115% of the amount, etc.

Is there some way you could include this alternate way of scaling? (Yes, I realize you can put in the coordinates for the affine transformation as a matrix, but I'm working with elementary teachers.)

changing locale under windows

(Concerning I am working on a machine with operating system xxx which has default language yyy set, but I want to work with Inkscape menus in language zzz (most likely English), how can I set this?)

Under linux being no problem but under windows there seems to be no solution to change the locale on a system with turkish XP to be german. That's a bit - ah - strange...! At least one should be able to set something like set LANG=de_DE as environment variable. --Katpatuka 19:24, 21 July 2007 (UTC)