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Download Inkscape

Since I really enjoy working with graphics [i basically use mspaint] and subscribe to 'computer tips' thru worldstart, they have led me to your program called 'Inkscape'.

I was wondering where I can acquire it at?


This FAQ says that inkscape can save in .ai format, but I don't see that option in version 0.44 under the save dialog. --Axiom 14:55, 22 August 2006 (UTC

Mac 10.4 ?

How do I make Inkscape work on a Mac with 10.4? The X.11 was installed--how do I make it active?

how about a 'select adjacent nodes' shortcut key

If you've ever used Wings 3D, you're probably familiar with hitting the + key or - key to expand or decrease the number of vectors in the current selection. I keep wishing I could do the same with nodes in Inkscape (how about with Alt + + and Alt + -).