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Hi, I have a question. Is anyone aware of any known problems that result when trying to compile the required libraries while using Cygwin on Vista? I am specifically having problems with glib (required to compile gtkmm.)

Thanks, Amanda

Addendum to the above: I have now decided to just compile on Windows. I would like to recommend not to use Cygwin for this project unless you are very comfortable with it, due to the large number of dependent libraries.


There is a CMakelists.txt in the main trunk code I checked out. I tried compiling using cmake (This is the natural reaction seeing a CMakelist.txt file) but later I found out that cmake is not supported I suggest removing the file or adding a line in the compilation wiki section / CMakelists.txt file saying its just experiment code and doesnt work.

Inkscape for windows 7 64-bit

I been trying to download inkscapes for my online classes but keep getting error message "this product is not nomarlly download will harm your computer."

I have windows 7 64-bits systems can anybody help??


Trying posting to the Inkscape-devel mailing list:
NeoPhyte Rep 02:05, 7 April 2011 (UTC)