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We need to expand the use of the status bar to make it more useful and informative. Ideas:

  • (DONE) In node edit, it should display "X of Y nodes selected"; if only one node is selected, it adds its type (cusp, smooth, etc.)
  • In selector and node edit, if there are more than one object/node selected but all selected objects/nodes are of the same type, it must display that type; e.g. "5 rectangles" instead of "5 objects" and "5 of 10 nodes selected; all smooth" instead of just "5 of 10 nodes selected".
  • (DONE) Warnings and errors that could make sense for the end user (but are not so important as to warrant a modal messagebox) must be put into the status bar. An example is "Non-printable character" warning in text tool. Another example is the failure to perform an action such as the one described in [