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 h English (en)* The '''Align and Distribute dialog''' no longer starts out with node alignment options, this is strictly limited to when the Node tool is in use.
* Improved '''Boolean Operation''' algorithm ([ MR #3724])
* The '''Calligraphy tool''' no longer inverts the tilt direction ([ MR #3782], [ Bug #1692])
* the '''Calligraphy tool''' no longer leaves any blots on locked layers when trying to draw on them ([ MR #3882], [ Bug #3154])
* There's no longer a grey line present that starts on the top left page corner when holding Ctrl and drawing with the '''Calligraphy tool''' ([ MR #3174], [ Bug #2203])
* Cloning objects that do not have an ID works now ([ MR #3180], [ Bug #2389])
* macOS users can now '''close''' Inkscape from the Welcome screen ([ MR #2762])
* The Zoom buttons are back in the '''Commands bar''': <code>Zoom to fit selection in window</code>, <code>Zoom to fit drawing in window</code>, <code>Zoom to fit page in window</code> and <code>Center page in window</code> ([ Bug #1910], [ MR #3638])
* The search results in the '''Commands palette''' are now ordered in a more helpful way ([])
* '''Copy-pasting''' groups using CSS classes for objects inside them no longer turns them all black ([ MR #3656])
* '''Dialogs''' that have just been opened receive focus again, so they can be used with a keyboard, too ([ Bug #3482], [ MR #4381])
* When the canvas has the focus, open '''dialogs''' do not steal keyboard shortcuts from it anymore ([ Bug #2409], [ MR #3176])
* '''Document properties dialog and menu''' agree about whether guides are visible and/or locked now ([ Bug #663], [ MR #4346])
* Inkscape no longer slows down when '''using grids and having the Document Properties dialog open''' on macOS
* Units in the '''Document Properties dialog''' now adjust properly when scaling the document ([ MR #3403])
* For files without a viewbox, the '''Document properties dialog''' no longer refuses to change the Display unit ([ MR #3866], [ Bug #872])
* The '''Eraser tool''' no longer leaves red traces when it cannot erase ([ MR #4079], [ Bug #540])
* The '''Eraser tool''' now even cuts paths with only two nodes or arcs and clones (unlinking them) ([], [ MR #4008])
* '''Export file names''' are now saved relative to the file's location (previously, we were saving absolute paths in the SVG document) ([ MR #4166], [ Bug #804])
* '''Exported raster images''' without alpha layer (no transparency) such as RGB and Greyscale PNGs, or JPG now use the page background color for export instead of black ([ MR #3994], [ Bug #1357])
* running '''extensions''' no longer fails when you've run them many times already ([ MR #3871], [ Bug #2861])
* the '''Extension Manager''' now works on macOS ([ MR #3579])
* Scaling a stroke by percentage in the '''Fill and Stroke dialog''' no longer changes the stroke pattern and no longer shrinks instead of growing ([ MR #4189], [ Bugs #792], [ #793], [ #1238])
* The long lost 'Burnt Edges' '''filter''' has returned ([ MR #3567])
* It is no longer possible to create invalid filters using a non-existing feComposite operator ([ Bug #1647], [ MR #2766])
* The default value for 'saturate' in the color matrix '''filter''' has been fixed ([ MR #3626])
* '''Find and Replace''' now works better if a text has a description and nested tspans ([ MR #3551])
* '''Find and Replace''' now more reliably finds all occurrances of a string ([ MR #2999], [ MR #4352])
* Editing fonts with the '''Font Editor dialog''' now also works for SVG fonts without a label (as created by FontForge)
* '''Guides''' do not move around anymore when resizing the document ([ MR #4127], [ Bug #1230])
* '''Guide handles''' are always correctly centered on the guide line. This change also fixes a similar positioning error that affected node handles ([ Bug #2022], [ Bug #2604], [ MR #3870]).
* When a linked '''image''' can not be found, Inkscape now no longer uses (and saves the file with) altered image sizes ([ Bug #3115], [ MR #3842])
* Imported '''images''' are now rotated according to their metadata ([ MR #3587], [ Bug inbox#4235])
* Embedded SVG '''images''' with markers or their own CSS styles are now displayed properly ([ Bug #1757], [ MR #3147])
* '''Imported''' .cdr files will now use correct measurements ([ MR #3879], [ Bug #2983])
* The '''Measure tool''' handles angles close to 180° better now ([ MR #2918])
* '''Node tool''' handles for smooth and symmetrical nodes now scale along with the other handles, according to the preferences setting ([ MR #3679], [ MR #3699])
* '''Opening''' a file without a file extension now only gives a warning when the file contents is not valid SVG ([ MR #3500])]
* '''Perspective/envelope LPE''' now works on objects with 0 width or height . (edge cases for single line stroke) ([ MR #2712])
* The '''Preferences''' option to 'enable dynamic relayout for incomplete sections' has been removed, because it has started to break the interface ([ MR #3887])
* The '''Preferences''' options for the dockbar style have been removed as they were no longer in use ([ MR #3660])
* When a search term can not be found in the '''Preferences''', the whole Preferences tree stays available now ([ MR #2636])
* '''Preferences''' now store more exact numbers, and these numbers are also more exact when given to extensions ([ MR #3340])
* SVG files can now be '''saved''' without file extension again ([ MR #3500])
* '''Saving to .odg''' format works again ([ Bug #3385], [ MR #4316])
* When scaling and snapping with the '''Selector tool''', the snapping now uses the correct location when geometrical bounding box is being used ([ MR #3990], [ Bug #2212])
* When clicking and dragging an object with the '''Selector tool''', the correct object is now always dragged (affected Windows) ([ MR #3735])
* Improvements to '''snapping''' with the node tool (performance, add useful snap targets, remove useless snap targets) ([ MR #3890], more info in [ MR #3889])
* Text tool is more verbose again in the '''status bar''' when editing flowed texts ([ MR #4201], [ Bug inbox#4449])
* Transform handle keyboard shortcuts are now displayed in the '''status bar''' ([ MR #3809])
* A small margin was added on the right end of the '''status bar''', to prevent canvas rotation when the user's intention was to resize the Inkscape window ([ MR #3824], [ Bug #918])
* '''Symbols''' from custom symbol libraries created with Inkscape are now inserted in the correct size ([ MR #4228], [ Bug #1319])
* The last line in a flowed '''text''' paragraph is not justified anymore ([ MR #3780])
* When moving a flowed '''text''' and its flow shape together, the flowed text now stays where it belongs ([ MR #3695])
* Multiline vertical '''texts''' in legacy Inkscape documents that have been edited in current Inkscape now are placed correctly in browsers ([ MR #3537])
* The preview in the '''Text and Font''' dialog no longer contains tofu (ugly placeholder character) where there is a linebreak ([ Bug #2577], [ MR #3359])
* '''Tracing''' Pixel Art can now warn users again when the image they're trying to trace is too large ([ Bug #2455], [ MR #3306])
* '''Zoom''' shortcuts from the numpad work again ([ MR #3773])