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 h English (en)* '''Gio::Actions''': The old 'verbs' were converted to 'actions'. This work was done to prepare for migrating to Gtk4. It also makes it possible to reach them all '''from the commands palette''', to assign keyboard shortcuts them and to use them on the command line. A big part of this work was done by '''[ Google Summer of Code student SUSHANT A.A.]''' with the mentors Alexander Valavanis, Ted Gould and Tavmjong Bah.
* Support for x, y, width and height SVG2 attributes on <code><symbol></code> has been added. It follows the logic of the <svg> element, which already supported these attributes ([ MR #3828])
* '''Continuous integration''' has been improved and maintained
* A whole lot of '''code cleanup and refactoring''' has been done to improve maintainability
* Many '''new tests''' were written to be able to detect breakages early